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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:55 pm    Post subject: TSE Boss Guide by Alan Gordon Reply with quote
( Archived from the Natomic forums )


version 0.9
Oct 3rd, 2004

Game created by Natomic Studios (http://www.natomic.com/).
FAQ Written by Alan Gordon.

This guide assumes a party of one Hunter, one Wizard, and one Priest.

Not all strategies are guaranteed to work for you. If the walkthrough says to
use Silver Bullet and you have 20 points in Holy Bolt, apply some common sense.

Also note that some bosses have variable health and attack power, dependent on your level. Any values given correspond to the suggested party level.

HP: 705 L
Suggested Level: 6
Difficulty: Easy
Not a great deal of strategy is required to fell this monster. Just keep
rotating your party to place the character with the most HP in front. Between
Chain Magic and Speed Fire/Sharpshoot, it should go down pretty fast. If
your HP starts to get low, have your Priest cast Party Heal. If someone gets
really low, keep them in the back position if you can - his bubble breath can
hit the first or second character.

HP: 1090 MX
Suggested Level: 10
Difficulty: Easy
Don't worry about that shield of his... it goes down in a couple hits from
pretty much anything. Dynamite helps alot here, but unfortunately the same is
not true for Hand of the Gods... remember that Magic Immunity. Same essential
strategy as Grundlekrunk, except that he's capable of hitting characters in
the back rows.

HP: 575 NX UD
Suggested Level: 12
Difficulty: Easy
Not even really a proper boss, Adrian is just a Ghost with extra HP and
damage. Treat it like any normal enemy. Hand of the Gods works particularly

HP: --
Suggested Level: --
Difficulty: Impossible
This is actually an interesting fight. The game barely seems to acknowledge the blob as an enemy. If it interrupts another combat, then raised shields will appear *behind* the characters. Rainbow and similar spells won't even land.
But, the point of the matter is, the blob is indestructible. It will glue you to the ground, and creep forwards, deaing your characters 200 damage at a time. You will lose if you fight the blob.

HP: 1390 L UD
Suggested Level: 15
Difficulty: Easy
[Only appears if Clementas is in your party.]
Despite its size and menace, the Abomination really is a pushover. Hunter
sharpshoots to take advantage of its huge size, Wizard uses either Rainbow
or Kinetic Smash for fast damage, and Priest uses Hand of the Gods or
appropriate offensive magic, healing only if your average HP gets below
about 20, which it shouldn't.

HP: 735 UD
Suggested Level: 17
Difficulty: Moderate
Snack wouldn't be any trouble if he was alone. Your first priority in this
fight is to dispatch his minions. Hunter should dynamite for the whole
battle, Your Wizard should keep up a Kinetic Shield as often as possible,
alternately using Rainbow to damage the Ghouls. Priest uses Hand of the Gods,
or healing if it's needed.

HP: 1630 L UD
HP: 365
Suggested Level: 19
Difficulty: Hard
Start the battle off with indirect fire skills like Dynamite, Hand of the Gods
and Rainbow, so that you can dispatch Father Belfidius; otherwise he has a
tendency to heal Neru. After he's gone, reverse the process - use direct fire
attacks exclusively, expecially Speed Fire. It takes 4 hits to detonate a
Suicide Imp, so you'll need all the hits you can get. If you're having
trouble, have your wizard use Chain Magic as well - that's 6 hits per round
of attack between your Wizard and Hunter. With the collateral damage hitting
Neru, he should go down eventually.

HP: 580 N-30 E-30
HP: 552 M-25
HP: 655 N-10 E-10
Suggested Level: 19
Difficulty: Moderate
These bounty hunters are capable of putting up quite a fight. As best you
can, try to concentrate your attacks on Alaiyena first - her thunderstorm
attack has the dangerous ability to hit your entire party - and with a
balanced team, there's little or no healing for your priest. After she goes
down, your chances of victory increase greatly. Unfortunately, the enemy can
rotate their party as well, which limits your ability to focus on one target.
Hunter should either be using Sharpshoot if your target is in the front row,
or Dynamite otherwise. Your wizard couldn't hurt to put up a Kinetic Shield
to block Dundee's Speed Fire. Otherwise, stick to whatever offense you have
the most skill in - but stick to direct fire while Alaiyena's in front.

HP: 1830
Suggested Level: 21
Difficulty: Hard
Crossbone only gets a "Hard" rating because you can't level up before you
fight him. His attacks are pretty damaging, so your best bet is to hit hard,
and hit fast. Have your wizard put up kinetic shields, and have your priest
use healing. Unforutnately, healing your party will probably make your
priest wind up with the lowest HP total, which will make Crossbone's diving
attack target him. At first, this would seem fatal for the priest, but
there's a relatively simple trick to overcoming that obstacle - as soon as
Crossbone begins is descent over the priest, cycle your party, and he'll hit
the next character instead. Keep high-damage skills coming from your Hunter,
and that 1830 HP should run out before you know it.

HP: 6905 L (Armor Varies)
Suggested Level: 27
Difficulty: Moderate
Shields won't help you much during the first part of this fight - the
attacks that really count are coming from too high of an angle. But notice
how it lowers into the ground as you keep hurting it... this affects the
trajectory of its thorn barrage. For general strategy, keep the Priest on
healing (maybe throwing in some offense at the beginning), Wizard using
high-attack spells like Rainbow and Kinetic Smash, and Hunter on Sharpshoot
or Dynamite.
Once Gilgiana only has one unit of trunk left, KEEP THE PRIEST IN THE BACK
RANKS. Once that last section falls, it traps your party in vines, preventing
you from rotating your characters. Then, it moves pretty much exclusively to
its helicopter seed attack, which can be blocked with Kinetic Shields. Keep
the healing and damage coming, and it will fall eventually.

HP: 1990
Suggested Level: 29
Difficulty: Easy
Crossbone doesn't seem to have gotten much stronger since your last visit...
unfortunately for him, you have.
Your Hunter should be using Dynamite almost exclusively in this battle,
because Crossbone's pet ooze it immune to Physical damage (or at least, it
claims to be... I found Silver Bullet to be able to hurt it well enough).
After the ooze goes down, just unload as much damage as you can on him...
your poisoned character will almost certainly be the target of his dive
attack, so I hope for your sake that it isn't your Priest. In the unlucky
event that it is, get all your healing off NOW, and maybe equip someone
else with a healing talisman. All things considered, it just comes down to
the fact that 1990 just isn't enough HP.

Suggested Level: 34
HP: 3817 (Armour increases in response to attack types, including a
resistance to Life Drain)
Difficulty: Hard
Tza Tze is a beast, pure and simple. His attacks do good damage, and he's
tough to bring down. Have your Mage put up Kinetic Shields to fend off his
pounce, and keep the healing coming, with all the firepower from your
Hunter and, when your shield isn't down, your Mage. For attack, it really
depends on which shield he has up. Here's a quick guideline:
Physical Shield (NX): Hunter uses Dynamite, Mage uses Rainbow
Energy Shield (EX): Hunter uses Sharpshoot/Speedfire, Mage uses Rainbow
Magic Shield (MX): Hunter uses Sharpshoot/Speedfire, Mage uses Kinetic Smash

Suggested Level: 37
HP: 7950 M+20 (increases during battles)
Difficulty: Moderate
Your first priority in this fight is do exterminate Grandael's minions.
Good spells to accomplish this include Rainbow and Hand of the Gods. As
soon as they're down, have your Mage keep up a steady supply of Magic
Shields. Use Sharpshoot and whatever does the most damage with your
Towards the latter half of this battle, your primary goal is to kill
Grandael as quickly as possible. His magic attack starts to fire more
and more rapidly as his HP decreases.

Suggested Level: 39
HP: 5965 N+12 E+12 M-90
Difficulty: Very Hard
You are about to fight the hardest boss in the game.
First of, kill the familiar NOW. If you let it last too long, its MP
draining attack will cripple your party beyond repair.
Shields are a must, but even that will only block one of his attacks. The
stream of runes that come from the sky cuts one character's HP in half.
Also, an additional gradual rain of runes will rain down on your party,
causing minor damage.Just keep healing, with a Mana Regeneration item of
some sort on whoever had their MP cut in half in the cutscene, and
a Healing item on the priest. I hope for your sake that they aren't the
same person. Something else to watch out for: when you think he's almost
dead... you're wrong. The first time you bring him down to about 1000 HP,
he'll raise an impenetrable shield around himself and restore his HP back
to full. Use this time to raise shields, recover MP, and heal with your
Priest, because God knows you'll need it.

Suggested Level: 48
HP: 11000 (armor varies)
Difficulty: Hard
Ah, yes... time for the infamous Elevator Battle. Your goal is NOT to
kill the airship, just to survive until you complete the long, arduous
ride from floor 1 to floor 90.
This boss has 3 attacks: At the beginning of each phase, it'll open fire
with a barrage of 5 shots from its chaingun - this is definitely the most
problematic attack, simply because of the sheer damage. After that's gone,
it will start firing homing missiles, and a series of drones will appear
around it firing magic shots at your party.
To start the battle off, cough up a Kinetic Shield and unload Hand of the
Gods and Dynamite until the chaingun falls off. Now, the pace of battle is
slightly reduced, so your Priest can switch to healing if it's necessary.
Once the missile launcher is destroyed, the Interceptor will retreat,
granting you a few seconds of reprieve. During this time, prepare. Heal
with the Priest, recover or recharge with the Hunter, and raise more
Kinetic Shields. Eventually, he'll come back, with about 40 more armor
against each element. This pattern will repeat, as many times as you let
it, until you reach floor 90. On the later fights, use single-hit attacks
rather than multi-hit attacks, because the armor really gets thick.
Near the end of the fight, things will definitely be getting hairy.
However, keep in mind that you don't actually have to kill it! Once you
reach about floor 85, play a fully defensive game: Heal, shield, recover.
Assuming you aren't too out-gunned, you should survive the trip to the

The Claw, although not as useful as Dr. Orwell would have you believe,
but thorough knowledge of how it works can turn a deadly hindrance into
a tolerable one.
During battle, the claw will periodically hover over a position in your
party, then lower itself and fire a ray at them. When struck by this
ray, every 10 points of health a character has will be converted into
one mana, and vice versa. The character will then be healed by 3 HP.
If someone is at low health, it is possible to move them under the claw and select Recharge, giving them an easy 10 HP.
There is another, far more useful application of the claw: Ressurection. If someone is dead, place them in front of the claw, and their mana and HP will switch, bringing them above zero HP! Unfortunately, their mana will now be negative, forcing them to recharge for several turns.

Suggested Level: 52
First Form:
Mystic Defense Mechanism Zeta CPU
HP: 17995 N+30 E+30 M-10 L UD
Mystic Defense Mechanism Zeta Front Unit
HP: 10000 NX EX MX L*
Difficulty: Hard
*Although UD isn't listed, the Front Unit is still immune to Life
Drain... in a sense. LD will pass through it and attack the CPU.

While the Front Unit is down, play a completely defensive game - Kinetic
Shields, Party Heals, Recovers, and Recharges. Keep your Hunter's Mana
up, though. As soon as the Front Unit lifts to reload, fall on the CPU
like a ton of bricks. Dynamite or Sharpshoot and Kinetic Smash work well
here. Priest should keep healing during this period. Repeat this process
until the CPU is down to around 11000 HP, and it will switch to...

Second Form:
Mystic Defense Mechanism Zeta CPU
HP: ~11000 N-125 E-125 M-100 L
Difficulty: Very Hard
Take a long, hard look at those armor ratings: not much is going to get
through that. You're in for a long fight. A level 30 dynamite does less
than 100 damage between all 4 hits. In general, stick to skills that do
all their damage in one shot: Sharpshoot and Kinetic Smash work well.
Keep your HP up. Also, in this fight, you want the character with the
most HP in the *back* position, because that's where the missiles land.
Your hunter has a second job for this fight: Detonating C-Bombs. They
take 4 hits, so a Speed Fire their way will do the trick for the most
part. Rick Brutal is a huge help in this matter, which is good, because
none of his attacks can scratch the CPU itself. Kinetic Smash and
Sharpshoot seem to count as 2 hits each for this purpose.
Also, your Wizard should spend at least a little time here putting up
Magic Shields. They will be needed. Because, when it reaches around 5000
HP, it sheds its armor and switches to...

Third Form:
Mystic Defense Mechanism Zeta CPU
HP: ~5000 N+30 E+30 M-10 L UD
Difficulty: Very Hard OR Very Easy
Keep those Shields coming as quickly as you can, because the amount of
firepower that comes out of this thing is pretty extreme. The armor is
gone, so you might want to have your hunter switch back to Dynamite,
depending on his skill levels. Throw a Party Recharge into your
priest's Skill Chain to increase the rate of dynamite-throwing, and it
should go down before you do. On the other hand, if you want to do this
the cheesing way, just equip someone with a Talisman of Deflection.
Since the first two forms don't have any magical attacks, your shield
will have hundreds of hit points by now, and you might be able to take
it out without taking a single hit.

At some point during this fight, Tza Tze appears, and joins your party! He
has 400 HP, and his charge attack is quite powerful, but his main use is
as a meat shield.

And that's all for now.

-Davzz, for contributing the Crossbone Switch Trick.
-Mark Pay, for making an outstanding game.

Things to Do:
-Confirm level suggestions.
-Make sure that I haven't missed any bosses.
-Pinpoint exact HP ratings for the form-switches of Mystic Defense Mechanism Zeta.
-Get the armor ratings for each encounter with Frontier Gunship Zero.

Version History:
v0.7: Initial public release.

-Added Tza Tze.
-Added Grandael.
-Added The Grandfather.
-Added Frontier Gunship Zero.
-Filled in some blanks regarding armor values.
-Added the Crossbone Switch Trick.

-Added observations about the Pulsing Gelatinous Blob, and fixed its name.
-Modified the strategy for Mystic Defense Mechanism Zeta (third form).
-Added a note regarding the last dungeon area in World 5.
-Slight modifications abound.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

For any questions, contact kobuscrispi[AT]gmail.com
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