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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:01 pm    Post subject: TSE skill analysis by Mr Nobody Reply with quote
( Archived from the Natomic forums )

Mr Nobody

Here is a skills guide for everyone. please read it

Character Skills:
Damage Per 100sec is Calculated with level 31, 30 skill points and with no mana recharge stops.

Rifleman skills *all skills calculated with 15 damage base damage rifle.

Rifle Attack | Direct Normal Attack
It Fires as Single Bullet at the nearest Enemy. This attack is also speed fire's damage per bullet.
Damage Per 100sec: 2625
Pros: Doesn't require mana. Fast cooldown time. Cons: Weak.
Verdict: NEVER use this attack

Recover | Self Healing
Heals the user.
Healing Per 100sec (Calculated with Max cooldown time. Sorry!): Peter:389 Edward:490 Samuel:545
Pros: Heals a lot. A skill that's worth to develop on. Cons: None?
Verdict: You should invest some skills points in this in late stages

Speed Fire | Direct Normal Attack
It Fires three bullets at the nearest enemy.
Damage Per 100sec (30 skills points on Rifle Attack): Peter: 4531 Edward:4315 Samuel:4531
Pros: Fast cooldown time. Cons: looks weak but isn't
Verdict: Good Attack.

Sharpshoot | Direct Normal Attack
Fires a single powerful buller
Damage Per 100sec: Peter: 3629 Edward: 3212 Samuel: 2796
Pros: Good against Large monsters. Strong Bullet. Powerful with decreased cooldown time. Cons: SLOW!!! Cooldown time. Very bad Overall Damage! Sorry Sharpshoot lovers!
Verdict: why do people like this?

Magic Bullet | Direct Magic Attack
Fires a magical bullet
Damage Per 100sec: Peter: 4696 Edward: 3607 Samuel: 4142
Pros: Fairly good in attack. Cons: Can't think of any.
Verdict: If you have peter, Use it.

Power Shot | Area Normal Attack
Fires a shot that goes through all enemies
Damage Per 100sec (attack on three enemies): Peter: 9122 Edward: 9979 Samuel: 9122
Pros: EXTREMELY POWERFUL! When against three enemies. Has competition with sharpshoot against one enemy. Puts Sharpshoot to shame. Cons: Weaker against one enemy. Does 66% damage to large monsters.
Verdict: USE USE USE!

Dynamite | Indirect Energy Attack
Explodes and showers your enemies with fire.
Damage Per 100sec: Peter: 6857 Edward: 7682 Samuel: 6158
Pros: Does lots of Damage. Puts Sharpshoot to even more shame. Cons: Uses up 2 mana.
Verdict: Use it if you have Edward.

Lasoo | Direct Normal Stun
Traps the nearest enemy preventing them from taking action
Secs of trapping Per 100sec: Peter: 595 Edward: 685 Samuel: 782
Pros: Very useful. Cons: do you expect a battle to last 10 minutes?
Verdict: Good to use some skill points on it. But not all

Mage skills

Chain magic | Direct Magic attack
Fires three magical blast at the nearest enemy.
Damage Per 100sec: Clara: 4166. With incandescent talisman of magic mystery:5555
Pippa: 4245 With talisman: 6976 Eisfford: 4245 With talisman: 6976
Pros: Fairly good. Very good with the talisman. Cons: Do you know any?
Verdict: Pow! Pow! Pow!

Kinetic Shield | Normal Defense
Raises a shield that protects the party form normal attacks
Absorbency Per 100sec: 1153
Pros: absorbs a LOT of damage Cons:What else do you expect from a perfectly sturdy shield?
Verdict: you can use it as a main skill if you want

Magic Shield | Magic Defense
Raise a shield that protects the party from magic attacks
Absorbency Per 100sec: Clara: 1153 Pippa: 1288 Eisfford: 1000
Pros: absorbs a LOT of damage Cons: YOU THINK OF SOMETHING!
Verdict: Same as Kinetic shield

Rock Rain | Area Normal Attack
Throw three rocks a enemies
Damage Per 100sec (all rocks hitting): Clara: 8980 Pippa: 7884 Eisfford: 7134
Pros: Powerful! If all rocks hit Cons: Misses (still powerful with at least 2 rocks hitting). Does 66% damage to larger monsters.
Verdict: Good but not so good. Good, but not good. What is it?

Celestial Lighting | direct normal attack
Strikes the nearest enemy with a zap of lighting
Damage per 100sec: Clara: 3333 Pippa: 3894 Eisfford: 4456
Pros: None Cons: Average Damage
Verdict: NEVER USE IT!

Rainbow | Indirect Magic Attack
Sends down a ray of rainbow light at a random enemy
Damage per 100sec (with no splash damage): Clara: 3528 With blurred talisman of the spectrum: 5292 Pippa: 4735 With talisman:7103 Eisfford: 4132 With talisman: 6198
Pros: Does splash Damage, Fairly good attack. Cons: Any at all?
Verdict: WOW! Too GOOD to waste.

Kinetic Smash | Direct Normal Attack
Sends a whirlwind of rocks at the nearest enemy
Damage per 100sec: Clara: 5371 Pippa: 4928 Eissford: 6285
Pros: Outstanding!!! Damage (compared to the others...) Cons: uses two mana.
Verdict: An OK Attack

Life Drain | Direct Ethereal Attack
Raises ward to protect party before raising the spirit of death to drain life from the nearest enemy.
Damage per 100sec: Clara: 6781 Pippa: 4484 Eissford: 5687
Pros: Outstanding as well. When finished with enemy and hasn't used up all the damage, moves on to the next enemy Cons: None at all.
Verdict: On Par with Kinetic Smash

Priest Skills
Rifle Attack
*look at Rifleman Skills

Party Heal | Other Healing
Heals all except caster
Healing per 100sec: Clementas: 516 Zepher: 612 Matthieu: 596
Pros: Heals a lot. Cons: None
Verdict: A good skill if you want to win the game fast

Party Recharge | Other Man Recharging
Recharges 1 mana to all except caster
Pros: Recharges mana! Cons: Wastes time Recharging mana!
Verdict: why waste skill points improving the cooldown time of party recharge?

Party Bless | Party Strength Improver
Raise the level of the party
Level raised with time of lasting per 100sec of casting: Clementas: +37lvl 308sec Zepher:+49lvl 308 sec Matthieu:+43lvl 308sec
Pros: Improves damage by a lot Cons: None
Verdict: A skill worth spending on

Holy Bolt | Direct Energy Attack
Launches to projectiles at the nearest enemy
Damage Per 100sec: Clementas: 4800 Zepher: 3600 Matthieu: 4133
Pros: Fast Reload time. Does extra damage to Undead creatures. Cons: Average attack
Verdict: This is quite a good attack

Silver Bullet | Direct Normal Attack
Shoots a bullet that strike the nearest enemy
Damage Per 100sec: Clementas: 4413 Zepher: 3896 Matthieu: 3637
Pros: Does extra damage to UD creatures Cons: Average Attack
Verdict: Not any better than holy bolt

Spook Summon | indirect Energy Attack/ Healing
Heals a low health party member or attacks
Damage Per 100sec: 1837
Pros: Does good damage over some time. Can Heal Cons:None at all.
Verdict: it is used best when summoned then use a different attack twice then go back to summoning

Hand of the Gods (or HotG and some people like) | Indirect Magic attack
Strikes an enemy with a powerful ray of light
Damage per 100sec: Clementas: 6646 Zepher: 5142 Matthieu: 7630
Pros: Very Strong. Very rarely strikes a magical immune enemy Cons: uses two mana
Verdict: Strong. A must have

Best Rifleman Attack:
*Power Shot or

Best Mage Attack
*Rock Rain or
*Chain Magic

Best Priest Attack
*Obviously HotG

Best Attacks For:
Clara: Life Drain
Pippa: Rainbow
Eisfford: Kinetic Smash
Peter: Power shot
Edward: Power shot
Samuel: Power shot
Clementas: HotG
Zepher: HotG
Matthieu: HotG

If something is wrong please tell me.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:05 am    Post subject: addition please? Reply with quote
please put in the stats for RECHARGE

Rolling Eyes im too lazy to do that myself Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I think, even with TSE being "archaic", it really ought to be said somewhere in this topic that the guide is wrong because it overlooks a huge factor: Not every enemy takes the printed damage from every attack. In fact, most don't. Enemies throughout most of the game hack modifiers on the damage they take from every hit, which are sometimes positive but more often negative (and moreover, the negative ones make a bigger difference). If a monster has, say, physical -30 energy -30 magic -30, every hit it takes is reduced by 30. That means sharpshoot loses 30 damage every three rounds, magic bullet loses 30 damage every two rounds, speedfire loses 90 damage every two rounds (45 per round) and dynamite loses 120 damage every three rounds (40 per round). 30's pretty tame compared to some of the armor you'll be seeing in this game though--some of the later normal enemies have stuff like energy -45 and magic -90, and that's not even counting the bosses. The final boss's second form has physical -125, energy -125 and magic -90, meaning if you chose all your skills on the basis of flat DPS and thus had a party running, say, speed fire, chain magic/rock rain and holy bolt, you'd be almost incapable of scratching its paint. One multi-hit skill in your party will make some areas easier, like Elan's Tomb (if memory serves, it had a lot of people weak to normal and energy damage), but you need at least one if not two skills that hit very hard with one blow, like sharpshoot or kinetic smash, or at the very least one-hit-per-two-rounds skills like magic bullet, silver bullet or celestial lightning.

Also important to remember some monsters (and bosses) are immune to some damage types. Beating the game REQUIRES at least one physical and either one magical attack or one energy attack plus drain life, and there'll be at least one entire late-game area and many bosses (including the final) where you can't use drain life at all.

Finally, it's important to note that Mr Nobody's statistics are COMPLETELY meaningless, because he does not include recharging in his analysis. This is simply not meaningful late in the game. Many battles against regular enemies will be over before you need to recharge (at least if you're not using the 2-mana skills), but all boss battles and most other difficult battles in the second half of the game will require recharging, at which point the two-mana skills (and recover/speedfire to a lesser degree) will be significantly hampered, sharpshoot will be significantly boosted, and most skills will simply have their efficiency cut more or less in half.
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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 3:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
What the max lvl?
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