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In the days before the Queendom, Man was under the cruel thumb of a demonlord. Then an mysterious and powerful mystic banished him to the World Beneath for his evil. In his defiance, the demon swore to return, and cursed the land that it would breed only rebellion, plague, and suffering, and that his return would be on a wall of pure white.

In the ages that followed, the tale of the demonlord was forgotten, only used to scare children into doing their chores.
But now, the smallest steps to it's passing are about to be taken, by the most unlikely of individuals.


She thought she was doomed to an existence without meaning.
But when a normal day at market opens the door to adventure, humble housemaid Kismet finds herself thrust onto the stage of destiny, playing a larger role in the current of fate then even she knows.
Now, with new friends at her side, and new enemies in her path, she must find her own destiny, and earn her freedom, while fighting to save her family and her nation.

-Choose a Guild and protect the country as a warrior, cleric, or wizard!
-Branching missions alter how the story unfolds!
-High Replay Value!


Download Trial!
Buy Now! $19.99
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