A couple of unexpected glitches

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:23 pm    Post subject: A couple of unexpected glitches Reply with quote
This first glitch happened a few years ago, the first time I finished the game - which, may I add? Given as this and TSE2 is about the only game I play, the first game took me a few years to finish. It was worth it.

I got through to the final stage of the final level, while playing with Clara, Zephyr, and Samuel. I got quite stuck, so made an all-mage Party, and restarted the game for the fun of it, to see if there were any extra bits (I've still yet to play Eissford into the library, and I'm looking forward to that a lot).
I went back to play my save on the final level... when suddenly, my party turned into my simple little level 7 mage party.
For reasons which confuse me still, they were better at finishing the game than my high-level Clara-Zephyr-Samuel team. Turns out, chain magic really rocks. No healing, no bless, no nothing. Just suddenly!ChainMagic. Of course, this made me feel quite miffed with them when I later failed to defeat the Grundlekrunk on the first go...

Second glitch happened in my current playthrough (Peter, Pippa, and Mattheiu). I was going through World3, and hadn't gotten my skillpoints reassigned by Djan. As I'd had problems with the map immediately after the seahorses before (see above re: multimedia-fusion-app-meets-Win7 issues), I went back to the village and saved the game, now that I could speed-run to the other end of that scene and not have to replay against the seahorses. But I went back right before Pippa said she wasn't feeling good. Sped through to the other side, and entered the map, all without Pippa getting sick. Pippa continued through the level suffering no ill-effects, despite other characters telling her she looked ill. It certainly made the level go a lot faster!
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