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Playing this through with Kaltos, Charlotte, and Enshadu, set to 'Easy, Unlocked' for this particular post. Further posts may have other characters, but I intend to work my way up through the Normal, Hard, and Absurd versions as well (though I'm likely to continue with it unlocked), just to see if this affects the limits.

World 1: You can get to level 16. You may regret it. After level 14, getting to level 16 relies purely on one enemy in a whole line of random encounters. Have fun.

World 2: 21 before meeting the Aulder, 24 before reaching South Point Bastion, 27 after. Interestingly, Isabelle's own health rises, going up to 105, from 100.

World 3: The first stage, Silent Snowfields, is harder to get points in, but level 31 is attainable before even entering Underport. Don't forget to go backwards & collect the credit chest first though! You need to continuously get though almost to the bridge, then turn around, save, exit back to the menu, and restart from that point. I did say it was harder. Going back and forth, however, does enable us to take a good look at Mark's world again, and note the way the background isn't static, the mountains actually looking like mountains in the distance, the sky above with the sunlight streaming through the clouds, and, tellingly, the strange, twisting remnants of <i>something</i> hidden beneath the ground. Tentacles? The barest hint of a claw? Whatever could it be? It leaves you wanting more. It's these details which makes this kind of levelling up enjoyable, especially in combination with Josh's wonderful soundtrack. The best part is that levelling up in this way doesn't cost credits-per-save, which would have been frankly devestating to my plan. Level 27 takes out one of the enemies from your possible xp-givers; from level 28 onwards, you're again down to only one enemy, but at least these encounters aren't randomised.

It was at this point I hit upon the idea of levelling up my party along with my Fitocracy, as sitting around through the level playthroughs was starting to bother me.
Before fighting the Crone, you can reach level 34. Level 35 after the first time you've met her. Level 37 is automatic after your second battle with the Crone.

World 4: Porto Vale, Part one: You can get up to Level 44. I suspect that if you do some of the fights in different orders, it might be a different total, but level 44 is the level I'm sticking with.

World 5: Oh, the horror. I do not like this level. Not because it is hard, but because I first played through with Ionae, Denever, and PyanPau. Each of them has a specific interaction with members of the town, and it makes this level heartbreaking. Level 55 before the cloud child, 58 immediately after.

World 6: 64 before the Count. 65 immediately after. No enemies from this world after this point provide any XP.

World 7: Woohoo, Jungle level! 78 before reaching Mama Saga, 79 immediately after speaking with her.

World 8: Suddenly, a literal Spirit of the Engine. Now, no matter how much you grind in the first two rooms, you will still have plenty of work ahead of you in the Storage Room, and in the Upper Deck, because while the Monsters don't, for the most part, change, while the XP they give may have reached 0, you will find that the later versions of the same monsters return to dropping XP. Good for your business, gentle grinder, but not so good from the POV of complacency and your party's health. The Upper Deck offers more opportunity for higher level monsters, especially the Principle Armour (a name which confuses me) and the Crystal Contagions. Here too, Josh's deft hand with the soundtrack is seriously changed. While the start of the 'victory' tune sounds, it's followed by the echoing noises, the gentle glockenspiel, and the sudden horrible groaning in the distance. Something is not right. Your possible XP pool soon shrinks to just the Principle Armour, and let me tell you, you're going to regret starting this challenge, in the same way you regretted it when you started it. The Silent Snowfields have, frankly, nothing on this level. When your party hits 87, you have over 70 individual battles with the Principle Armour to fight. I suggest only doing the first one, then leaving the area, returning to the area, lather rinse repeat. On the other hand, it's a good level to practice your Spirit Fitocracy, so long as you instead do it immediately after your battle, not during (especially for situps). I have Charlotte in front here, equipped with the Ambassador's Ring, and as high as she can go on Lucky Lady. Charlotte is suddenly my Tank for this level. Level 88 before reaching the Engineering Breach. Level 91 comes after the first boss battle, the second grants level 92.

World 9: You will only gain XP from the first fight with Shana and her Riflemen; the remaining fights across the Longreach Plains will give you no XP. You face Batiste at no higher than level 96. Which is almost a pity, as you only need 5368 XP to reach level 97. I suspect that some of the enemy groups, if they'd given different results, might have narrowed this gap or more, leading to level 97 so long as the boss fights were done correctly, but that's purely conjecture. You gain an additional, final, 4 levels after you defeat Batiste, taking your final total up to level 100, and which makes me wish there was more gameplay left after that point.

Congratulations upon defeating the Spirit Engine.
Although you are capable, feign incapability.
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