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Simple, really. There ought to be a topic. Since it'd be madness trying to pick just one, pick the five songs you liked best from the game. Samples of all with their names are at this link from the music topic.


"Finale and a Lost Dream"--Definitely the best song in the game, without peer. There's no topping it.

"Adjanti Warcry"--Strong contender for the most epic, most action-packed battle theme in the game, performing one half of chapter 8's battles. That was a good chapter for music in general, with the exception of the "Hell Hath no Heart".

"Out on the Town"--Chapter 5's happy music is really fun to listen to.

"Medea's Final Conflict"--No list would be complete without the game's final boss music, and this game's no exception. Final cry doesn't make the cut because the battle should be half over before you get to the good stuff.

"Not the Penny Arcade"--So much tension in this one it's practically scary. Does a good job of invoking action without forgetting that you're supposed to be feeling bad about what happened (as opposed to the chapter's boss, where you can easily completely forget for a few minutes that this is supposed to be a sad point in the game).

Honorable mention goes to the credits music (which is good enough to justify watching the credits! Or at least running the credits while you do something else in another window), "On Our Way... Aren't We?" (just for screwing with our expectations by darkening the very victory music to suit the chapter's tone), "Confrontation at the Mind's Core" (which really gave off the impression of someone taunting you), and "Fighting the Inner Mind" (simply because the moment you hear it it invokes the same feeling that hearing the title music pop up as stage music invokes--namely, that this is it, you're nearing the finale and it's gonna be epic. Also, it felt oddly familiar even the first time I heard it).

Anyways, that's mine. What were your favorites?
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