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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:21 pm    Post subject: The game like noone other Reply with quote
I have just finished the game on medium diffucity ,i like how you did plot and all the way throught battles from one location to another by tactical thinking and listening to the nice plot in background of it ,also nice job with plots of all characters , i believe you it was very hard to implement every character with its own past and thinking ,i also apreciated possibility to complete game on different diffucity and case of changing it in-game ,also talent trees are great ,easy simple and very functional. I am actualy working on a game too ,for some years... and i didnt see any good game like TSE2 during last TSE Very Happy ,if i could vote:

graphic -4.5/5 -its been really great ,i always looks into details ,so there was everythink well drawn ,and nice looking ,cause of small resolution i cant give you 5/5 :S

AI&tactic -5/5 -i didnt see any mistakes in their tactics ,noone is too overpowered or too weak

music&sounds -5/5 what i have to say ,good game without sound is bad game ,or average game with average sound which noone remember after some time but what game like TSE with vote like-superior have that like epix sound ,well thats a level higher than
others which make it peoples dont forget it ,which can stand in hall of fame

menu&saves - 3.5/5 -sorry but i cant give you more cause i think there was several things that could be improved ,like help box with list of items ,each atribute info ,or some tips about tactics ,or guide of all in game things , i found the help in folder but its like without useful tips , also somethink like list of special abilities misses ,which make a lot of peoples dont know what are they for ,also you have to do somethink with items ,at the end of game ,bag slots are full ,and cause of unlucky selling items there was no way how to sell them all and they just overload bags -maybe somethink like sell item without put it to one of free places could fix that
,but its not a big mistakes ,but not everyone know game mechanics ,you know ,helpbox could help

on the other hand i like idea of end statistics of completing the game
and also great conversations with depth which take player into the world of TSE
also great web page with a lot of information and well answered forum

My total vote 94% for TSE2 ,its my own personal rating so its up to each person
-to sum it ,it was very nice spended time to play TSE2 ,and also like me inspired other peoples ,so i Cheer upon you , great job , noone have done single somethink you did ,so /respect ,all your time of creating the game was spended well ,i am starting developer too ,so maybe one day you will write a post about my game Very Happy
Its not bug ,its feature!
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Thanks your review nemesix. It's great to hear that you enjoyed the game!

The game's resolution was a difficult issue. Whilst I could now draw the backgrounds in a higher resolution, hi-res character and creature animations are a problem. It could be necessary to use the 'puppet' style of animation seen in Aquaria or Odin Sphere, and this is difficult to do well.

I agree that a better guide and tips system would help. I considered random startup tips for the last patch. I think I will put them into the next.
The shop slot size is a common problem too, so I will also try and look at this in future patches.

Thanks again. I wish you good luck with your own game. Very Happy
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