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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:41 am    Post subject: Mericious, Pyan-Pau, Grace on Absurd - Thoughts Reply with quote
So after a couple of weeks of every moment being consumed by this (I think I might finally take a break from this game now Very Happy ) game, I have finally beaten Absurd mode with two priests + a sharpshooter.

What changed? Lets see.

I had to rely a lot more than normal on Smokescreen, and Aurora and Health were rarely an issue since I could get both easily. When against enemies that dealt magic damage and time didn't matter, I could do a smokescreen + 2 Aurora combo that would give me basically immunity after several turns. Then I could focus on defeating each enemy swiftly after a turn or two of health.

I gave Grace the only two items (Robes of State and some random belt) that supported smokescreen. At the end of the game I had 82% smokescreen! (although i think it was capped at 80% Sad )

I also found that nearly all the bosses were extremely easy. Mericious was my primary offensive weapon with a quick damn and enpowdered double-blessed strike, (both mer and grace) he could deal out tons of damage at the end of the game. In the few cases where the enemy was armored against concussive, I could have Grace use a black bullet, do double wraths, and occasionally lucky shot.

Ick Thelloth was a joke, with plenty of Aurora to go around at the beginning. The end battle was quite easy too. The Crone (second time) was likewise a cinch. (all these are because of strong Aurora and Heal) However, typically relatively easy bosses (for me at least) were quite difficult. The Crone when indoors was hard because Aurora offered little help. Healing was great until it attacked on of my priests at which case I only had one healer basically because the other two didn't need any. The Count was really hard because I had no knight to lower health and brace. Each time plenty of health was taken and there's no dodging it. Aurora's pretty much useless too. That was a difficult battle. Also the spider "boss" in ch. 7 was much harder than normal because I didn't have thunderstrike to keep the damage even, nor powder imps to stop the poison. Tons of sprite summoning, healing, smokescreen, and lucky shot. Smile

What's really weird was that the most difficult section was Ch. 5, when you're getting out of Porto Vale. For some reason I had the hardest time getting any of those guys down in that section. I think this is because I had no knight that could thunderstrike, and I was missing swordfaith to get the backrow enemies. That was a pain.

Also the Battle for the Western Front was way more difficult than the rest of the game (next to Ch. 5 maybe) It was just so difficult to deal damage quickly, even with my enpowdered blessed strikes, the only easy enemy really were the knight guys. The mage enemies in that section were impossible because their attacks would run right through my priests chi shields. After trading all my points and giving Mer 22 health, 22 strike, 22 damn, and 14 wrath, Pyan-Pau 22 health, 4 strike, 10 wrath, 12 healing and 22 blessing, and Grace 22 health, 22 enpowder, and 22 black bullet, I finally got through with not even one attack to spare (I finished the last battle with 1 time point to spare)

Normally chapters 6 and 7 are extremely difficult for me. With the exception of the spiders and the count I rarely died. I got through all of ch. 6, hardly dying at all. Beat frostmaw rink on the first try. Smile This was because if an Iceeni or white magic damage only snake thingy were in front i could destroy them in one or two turns. Even the chill splinters weren't very hard because of my awesome smokescreen. (I think that's my most used move this section Very Happy )

At the end I got two songs playing at the same time for the final battle. I think the song "The Day Chaos Died" didn't stop when it should have. (I skipped the whole dialogue so that might have been why)

So...don't worry my rant's almost over.

Having beaten this game 5 times over, I now have a fairly good feel for the battle system and how it works. However, I have a list of the moves I've just never gotten around to using. I think the main reason I don't use any of them is because you can't really see their effects visually very well.

Fortify: I dunno, it's weird but I've used this move like 10 times total after beating the game 5 times...I think it's just that I can't really see how it helps much. (plus if I'm smokescreening that mitigates the effects of fortify)

Brace: I really rarely used this move, only on the Count, the final battle, and a couple other random cases.

Explosive Shell: Especially near the end of the game; it's just not useful because most of the enemies have so much armor. This would really only be useful when enpowdered (or blessed/damned perhaps?), so maybe it's more useful with two musketeers

Flashbang: I hardly used this, primarily because I can't see it's effects on the enemies energy (I know it has one but if I could see their energy I could more conclusively decide if it's useful or not) Sad to say but I basically passed this one up.

Staggering Blow: It seems useful, but I dunno, I never found much of a use for it. I basically only did it with Pyan-Pau on one-two enemy battles, where I had nothing better to do with him (i.e. I'm at full health and chi) Those occasions were far and few between.

Moves I completely disregarded in my first two run-throughs of the game on easy but now am completely addicted to using:

Aurora: I had no idea how useful this was before, especially wasn't aware that the Aurora magic protection lasted till the end of the battle. That made life so much easier.

Bless: I didn't think this was real helpful but when I overloaded Pyan-Pau with bless-buffing items he had a bless of 58 levels O_O. When overdriven levels would increase even more. Smile

Overdrive: okay so this isn't a move, but I was not aware of how crucial this is in the game. If you can't defeat a heavily armored enemy, overdrive and he's screwed.

Smokescreen: At first I thought, "Why would I give both enemy and me a dodge ability?" However once I tried it out it was SOOO useful. When your smokescreen has an 80% dodge and the enemy only 35%, you're golden.

Plus Grace had a 60% dodge rate, so for her to get hit would take a 2/5 * 1/5 = 2/15 chance of success. That's sweet.
Sprite Summon: I really had no idea this was so useful until my last play-through. Especially when a priest needs his hp and chi up quickly to take another attack, sprite summon was so useful.

So, as I've now beaten Absurd Unlocked, I will either move on to another game (which I probably should; I've been playing nothing but this for the past two months), or I could do a speed run on easy and aim for 2 hours! Razz

[random incongruency: in Great Hall Longreach when Jacques comes to get Isabelle then the enemy party comes to blow him away, when my party came, Ionae says that with one Explosive Shell attack she'll take the walls down; she doesn't have that move Wink ]
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