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The Spirit Engine is a 2D, sidescrolling adventure/RPG game with a simple story and a straightforward, innovative real-time combat system. Written as an experimental reaction to old 16bit console RPGs, it took a little under two years to complete and was released in November 2003 as freeware under Natomic.

Although TSE-1 suffers from amateurish scripting and graphics, poor coding, a cumbersome menu system and a slow and unrefined combat engine, I am still proud of what the game achieved. Most importantly I enjoyed playing it and, although it split opinions, I am happy to say that many others did too.

The game concept lays the foundations for The Spirit Engine 2.

The Spirit Engine is FREEWARE. It is free to download but may not be redistributed without consent.

System Requirements
Windows 98/2000/Me/XP is required.

An 800Mhz processor with 128 mbs of system ram is recommended.

Available to purchase for as little as $4 from Josh's site.

Download Links

Main Download:

The executable installer for TSE-1 version 104:


Patches for older versions:

103 to 104thespiritengine.com0.29MB
101 to 104thespiritengine.com4.9MB
102 to 103thespiritengine.com4.3MB

Patch 104 corrects a bug in the penultimate level.

Linux wine patch for TSE is available here.
Many thanks to Claudio Fontana for this.

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