The Spirit Engine 2

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The Spirit Engine 2 is the follow up to the freeware game 'The Spirit Engine', originally released in November 2003. Set in a new world, with new characters, new graphics and a rewritten game engine, TSE-2 sets out to improve upon the game experience of the original in every possible way.

Reviews - 89%

An extensive plot spanning nine distinct chapters. History is unravelling in the once peaceful state of Lereftain. Murderous cults are running unchecked through the streets, parliament is bickering, tension is building with old enemies in the west and the country's inhuman rulers seem to be losing control of the situation. Three citizens who find their paths crossing in an act of charity one dark night will find themselves burdened with the responsibilty of not only defending the nation but deciding whether to save civilisation as they know it.

All new and improved original graphics. Simple yet effective new effects, including parallax scrolling and screen-shake.

The introduction of something sorely missing from the original - difficulty levels! Play at a level to suit you and either lock it there or feel free to change it as and when you like.

An improved real-time combat system which builds upon the simplicity of the original. With an improved interface, greater control over characters, combat speed options and action synchronisation controls to make battles more tactical and more fun.

New game combat mechanics such as automatic character recovery, party chains and combination strike damage bonuses.

New, varied character skills to play with, including targetted attacks and debuffs, and a whole host of crafty, unfriendly creatures to use them on.

A vast stock of equipable items with new abilities.

System Requirements
Windows 98/2000/Me/XP/Vista is required.

A 1.2Ghz processor with 512 mbs of system ram is recommended.

Age Recommendations
The Spirit Engine 2 contains themes and written dialogue that may be unsuitable for young children.
The in-game depiction of violence is bloodless with a few minor exceptions.
Any swearing is mild.

Player Characters
Kaltos Sturn Mercenary, Age 32
Falling into the underworld of organised crime at a young age, only collusion, corruption and undeserved good fortune have kept Kaltos from a significant period behind bars. Now he has turned his back on the life that cost him his marriage and is trying to make ends meet as a sword for hire; an increasingly difficult prospect in a world reigned by gunpowder.

Ionae Unemployed, Age Unrecorded
Ionae appears to be a loner by choice, travelling the quiet back roads of Western Lereftain late at night and conversing only when absolutely necessary.
This is perhaps for the best - arrogant, selfish, neurotic and oddly unfamiliar with local Lereftese custom, Ionae makes poor company at the best of times. Her tattered cloak hides a pair of folorn, moulting brown wings from curious eyes.

Mericious Johan Weiss Priest, Age 47
Mericious has spent most of his uneventful life as a priest deep in study, until the clergy of the great library at Prestin decided that a reassignment would do him and everyone else there a world of good.
There's somewhere that he really ought to be right now but, in no hurry to arrive into his new life, Mericious has wandered somewhat astray.

Ferwin Drake Talbot III Knight-in-Training, Age 23
The only son of Eamon and Aetlia Talbot, and heir to the Talbot estate, Ferwin is a cheerful and enthusiastic young man struggling with the weight of his parents' expectations.
Betrothed to Elene Forscythe and training hard for the knighthood that three previous generations of Talbots have failed to achieve, Ferwin secretly dreams of a career elsewhere and a life spent with his sweetheart Marie, the waitress to whom he writes daily.

Charlotte Kaye Self-Employed, Age 27
Drifting from one noisy tavern to another, Charlotte's brash and sunny disposition hides a deep longing for an entirely different life, one of certainty and commitment that she seems unable to find.
She appears to be comfortably well off despite having no apparent source of income, and for some reason chooses to avoid setting foot in larger towns and cities.

PyanPau Sai Permitted Visitor, Age 25
A wide-eyed visitor from the tiny neighbouring state of Sakeida, PyanPau has been granted temporary access to Lereftain to take part in his Journey, the rite of passage that all Sakeidan priests must undertake before gaining their title.
PyanPau's charming demeanour and disarming curiosity have served him well in his travels across a country highly suspicious of foreigners.

Denever Halterbrooke Retired Guardsman, Age 76
An elderly and distinguished member of the now-defunct Dragon Guard, Denever retired fourteen years ago. But with no family to go home to and no other professional skills, he has found himself unable to put down his sword and abandon the only life he has ever known.
Relying on his state pension and the kindness of strangers, Denever has been walking the back roads of Lereftain and helping those who cannot help themselves, trying to outrun and outfight his advancing age.

Grace Winters Retired Army Officer, Age 51
Wife of local councillor Jeremiah Winters and mother of three, Grace is widely known across Lereftain as the first female officer to rise to the rank of General. As one of the three senior commanders directing the miltary response to the Amaran uprising of 726, she is reviled in Amara itself and hailed as a hero in the rest of the union.
Troubled by her role in the conflict, Grace later resigned and now spends her time supporting her husband and lecturing on security matters in various academic institutions.

Enshadu Ensekku Unemployed, Age Unrecorded
Amiable, educated, intelligent and well trained as a priest, Enshadu nethertheless makes for unsettling company. He sometimes appears nervous and conflicted and refuses to remove his blank mask or bandages. Whatever is troubling him, he remains an indispensable companion.

A Few Others
The Rakari Rulers of Medea
Although rarely seen, the otherworldly Rakari seem to have a hand in almost every important decision made by the major nations of Medea. They are the authority to which the Lereftese parliament bows and their rule remains popular.

The Keepers Secretive Organisation
The cult of the Keepers have met in secret for as long as the Lereftese state has existed, and only they know just how long that is. Now they have taken to the streets. They have a long list, and every citizen named on it must die.